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#define _MAX_LINE_LEN 1024
#define _FFGET_BUFFER_MAX (8192*8)


struct _FFGET_FILE
      char buffer[_FFGET_BUFFER_MAX +1];
      char *startpoint;
      char *endpoint;
      int FILEEND;
      int FFEOF;
      char c;
      unsigned long int bytes;
      int ungetcset;
      int trueblank;
      char lastchar;
      FILE *f;


typedef struct _FFGET_FILE FFGET_FILE;

// Special Flag to indicate a Double CR Line.
extern int FFGET_doubleCR;
extern int FFGET_SDL_MODE;  // Single Char Delimeter
extern char SDL_MODE_DELIMITS[];
extern char NORM_MODE_DELIMITS[];
extern char *DELIMITERS;

int FFGET_setstream( FFGET_FILE *f, FILE *fi );
#ifdef sgi
short FFGET_fgetc( FFGET_FILE *f );
char FFGET_fgetc( FFGET_FILE *f );
int FFGET_closestream( FFGET_FILE *f );
int FFGET_ungetc( FFGET_FILE *f, char c );
int FFGET_presetbuffer( FFGET_FILE *f, char *buffer, int size );
char *FFGET_fgets( char *linein, int max_size, FFGET_FILE *f );
int FFGET_raw( FFGET_FILE *f, unsigned char *buffer, int max );
int FFGET_feof( FFGET_FILE *f );
int FFGET_getnewblock( FFGET_FILE *f );
int FFGET_set_watch_SDL( int level );
int FFGET_set_allow_nul(int level );

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