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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int RAWGET_get( unsigned char *buffer, int max, FILE *f )

      unsigned char c;                          // read buffer
      int count = 0;                                  // How many bytes read

      // Special situation here, if we have a return from MIME_headers which indicates
      // that we have data in a MIMEH_pushback, then we need to process that first, before we
      // go back into the data file.


      // Whilst we've got less bytes than the maximum availabe
      // for the buffer, we keep on reading
      while (count < max)
            // If we do infact read in 1 bytes...
            if (fread(&c,1,1,f)==1)

                  *buffer = c;            // Set the byte in the buffer
                  buffer++;               // move the buffer pointer
                  count++;                      // Increment the byte cound

                  if (c == '\n')          // If we encounter a \n (or \r)
                        break;                  // Hop out of while loop
            else break;                   // if we didn't read right, then jump out as well

      return count;

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